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Lab News

APRIL 2017


14 | Our manuscript, Critical ecological concepts for sustainable solar energy and the land-energy-ecology nexus" has been formally accepted in the #2 (out of 180) journal in the Environmental Sciences category (and 4th in Ecology): Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment!

15 | Dr. Steven M. Grodsky gives invited talk, Next-Generation Solar Energy Ecology Research in Deserts, at the 31st Annual Desert Symposium in Zzyzx, CA. 


13 | Dr. Rebecca R. Hernandez gives talk at Boston University's Biogeoscience Seminar. 

15 | Esther Robles wins the Latinos in Technology Scholarship, a $10,000 award, from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation


24 | Dr. Grodsky gives invited talk, Exploring the Renewable Energy-Wildlife Nexus: Animal Conservation in Parallel with Next-Generation Energy Development at UC Davis's Institute for Transportation Studies. Click here for Flyer. 


2 | Dr. Hernandez gives an invited talk, "Energy Geographies, Nexus Issues, and the Future Energy Landscape," at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School of Life Sciences. 


18 | Dr. Hernandez and Madison K. Hoffacker's research is featured on NPR 89.3 KPCC: A new approach to energy: Using old landfill sites to generate solar power, listen here.


13-15 | Dr. Hernandez speaks with Raymond Rodriguez, Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, and Maggie Werner Washburn at SACNAS The National Diversity in STEM Conference (Long Beach, CA) with on "Making the Short List-Crushing the Interview: Securing Your First Academic Position." 


1 | Welcome new Aridlab Scientists: Steven Grodsky (Postdoctoral Scholar) and Louisa Rogers (Ph.D. Student). 

14 | NPR Los Angeles affiliate program KPCC interviews Dr. Hernandez about the unveiling of the DRECP, listen here

28 | Dr. Hernandez presents talk on "Solar energy development impacts on land-cover change, biological soil crust, and protected areas" at BioCrust3 in Moab, Utah. 

August 2016

9 | Dr. Hernandez leads the Organized Oral Session at the Ecological Society of America on Global Aridland Soil Ecology: Synthesis, Discovery, and Novelty in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

23 | The Aridlab has won a $597,852 grant from the California Energy Commission for the proposal: Optimizing solar facility configuration effects on habitat, managed plants, and essential species interactions (2016-2019).

July 2016

15 | The Sacramento Bee interviews Dr. Hernandez about the state of California's solar energy milestone of 8,000 MW here

22 | San Francisco Chronicle article Mojave Desert at stake in far-reaching federal energy plan,  features Dr. Hernandez's and Madison K. Hoffacker's work on land-energy interactions. 

24 | Las Vegas Sun featured Dr. Hernandez in article here on Mojave Desert.

JUNE 2016

1 | Esther Robles and Patty Boonlue, Undergraduate Student Researchers in the Aridlab, are awarded the Institute for Transportation Studies Summer Fellowship to work with Dr. Hernandez. 

3 - 5 | Aridlab organizes and hosts UCD Napa Valley Floatovoltaic and Wine Tour 2016

22-24 | Dr. Hernandez is invited speaker and panelist at the "Great Transformations" Breakthrough Dialogue 2016 - Session: "Energy Sprawl: Can We Have Low-Footprint Decarbonization?"

23 | Madison K. Hoffacker, Aridlab Renewable Energy Specialist, is featured in Chapman Magazine Article, A World of Sustainable Impact, and is called, ". . . something of a research rock star." 

MAY 2016

11 | Dr. Hernandez is invited speaker at EPRI's Environmental Vision Conference (ENV-VISION) on impacts of solar installations on land use and species.

20 | Scientific American writes about Dr. Hernandez's article in Bioscience on the nature of natural history today with colleagues, Dr. Barrows and Murphy-Mariscal. See it here

APRIL 2016

13 | New study, At a Crossroads: The nature of natural history in the twenty-first century available here at BioScience, featuring co-author Dr. Hernandez.

13 | Dr. Rebecca R. Hernandez gives guest lecture on "Climate Change Mitigation" at Stanford University for the course: Climate Change: Our Global Ecology and What You Can Do.

March 2016

20 | Dr. Hernandez featured here in Carnegie Science, the newsletter of the Carnegie Institution, for her work on solar energy's land-use impact.

19 | Dr. Hernandez and colleagues featured in here on training needs for scientists in natural history.


13 | Dr. Hernandez interviewed and featured in article here in

24 | Dr. Hernandez is invited speaker at UC Merced's Sustainability Seminar speaking on the land-energy-ecology nexus.

JanUARY 2016

1 | Dr. Hernandez and Madison K. Hoffacker join UC Davis.


12 - 15 | Dr. Hernandez convenes the "Energy and Ecosystems" Organized Poster Session at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.


27 | Dr. Hernandez is an invited speaker at the Energy and Resources Graduate Group Fall Seminar Series at UC Berkeley and discusses the Land-Energy-Environment Nexus. 

30 | Dr. Hernandez is interviewed and featured in National Geographic in an article entitled: Could Solar Energy Be California's Next Cash Crop? Click here to read it.